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Il Feudo
Via Monte Versa, 1008
35030 Cortelà di Vò (PD)
Tel. +39 049.9941118

Our Gastronomy

The Agritourism Il Feudo brings on its table fresh and natural foods, that you can even better appreciate surrounded by the natural anchanting beauties of the territory.

Agriturismo il Feudo

Among the many dishes offered, you will find the Schizzotto, to be eaten with hand made salami; bigoli, lasagne and the hand made sorts of pasta made with fresh eggs just taken from the hen house. You will also have the possibility to be served poultry and pork roasts, mixed vegetables and, at the and of the meal, tasteful hand made cakes.

Ristorante Il Feudo Ristorante Il Feudo

Moreover, our good foods will be more appreciated if eaten while also drinking wine from our winery, produced from our own vineyards and brought on the table of our guests.

Ristorante Il Feudo Ristorante Il Feudo

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