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Il Feudo
Via Monte Versa, 1008
35030 Cortelà di Vò (PD)
Tel. +39 049.9941118

Pinocchio - Agriturismo IL FEUDO

Welcome into a Wonderful Place

The Agritourism and Wine Company “Il Feudo lies among green hills and vineyards. In the country area where it lies there are woods, little lakes and many old country houses. Inside the country building of our agriturismo, that once had been a monastery, the old structure of the monks’ citadel has been restored and maintained quite the same so that the visitors may enjoy the atmosphere of its history and better realise the rules that governed the lives of the monks in 1500.

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fireplace built in the 16th century IL FEUDOAmong the rooms which contribute to give life to a warm atmosphere of ancientness, you can find the eating room whose main feature is a fireplace built in the 16th century.

Once lodged in these warm and enchanting rooms you cannot prevent yourselves from also appreciating the foods, the wines and the spectacular sight of the environment that surrounds the Feud.

Farmhouse on Euganean Hills IL FEUDO

Azienda Agricola Fontana - Agriturismo Il Feudo : Cortelà di Vò (PD)
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